Launching Space Station 'LagosTokyo1" - Press Releases

We are entering into a new stage in Project Forward. We are harnessing the ability to use technology to create a better life. 

A person has to want change in order to experience it. A person must be able to experience change in order to be capable of discovering the benefits of community. A community must desire unity in order to build the future. 

With the Launch of our new suite of products, services, etc. we will target on being able to sustain distribution and production on another level. Contextualize sustainability, family, balance, work, and creativity around one mission. "Being Better to Build the Future"

The LagosTokyo1 will be developed in many stages first is digital integration. Can 50 of top creators who have a similar goal produce and cohabitate digitally. Then with an eye of being able to always move forward, we will progress our technologies not just to take advantage of the latest digital advances, but also products, structures, infrastructures, and finally, the ultimate frontier and test of sustainability, communication, culture, technology, collaboration and resourcefulness, space related enterprises.

We look forward to impacting more lives. Stay tuned for more releases and contact CEO of Project Forward Kinyo for questions. 949-297-6068


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