#timemachine box - REST Watch & Meditation Kit


Each box comes with intructions, and one #timemachinebox, as well #timemachine art 4" x 6" posters.


Designed to help you move quickly to the future you want.

"YOU Plant the SEED"


The truth about Time Travel is it’s all about narrative control.

The #timemachine is a box. Just a box. That's all that's need. The beauty and the power comes from YOU, the people you can be honest with, and what you put inside.

"YOU Plant the SEED"

Find 50 people in the same "PLACE" as you.
Find 10 people who "BELIEVE" in you.
Find 3 people who can "TRAVEL" with you.
Find 1 "SEED" item you want to change the world with.

Put them in your #TIMEMACHINE


"In fact Time Travel is the only way in which we can all experience complete control over our narrative.

We all do it regularly we frequent go back and rummage through other timelines.

Usually we travel back to exotic moments. Moments in which we experienced or had the opportunity to experience something we hadn’t before.

Similarly when traveling to the future we expect there to be a wealth of exotic moments, that we can either look forward to or prevent.

What we look for upon returning to the present, existing again in, and as the now, is proof, material representation, not satisfied with the memories of our imagination.

Well for that, you need an accessory to your time travel…

You need a…"

— Kinyo